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3. Fold in the 4 corners of the gift wrap in toward the edge of the gift card. Align the corner of the gift wrap with the middle of the card s edge for a crisp triangle shape. This shape creates an even seam and makes sure there are no loose edges on the paper! 4. Fold in the triangles on both sides and secure with tape. 12. Let s go to the movies For film buffs, wrap a movie gift card in a popcorn tub some theaters sell refillable tubs , along with movie theater candy. 13. Pick up the tab Give a restaurant gift card wrapped up with a place setting of disposable dinnerware and a napkin, a bottle of wine and perhaps a special dessert. 14. Wrap your gift card using nothing but paper with this DIY paper bow and gift box tutorial. It looks just like a gift wrapped with wrapping paper, but with a homemade touch. Unless you are particularly crafty with scissors, you ll want to use a cutting machine and template to create these gift card holders. To measure the radius, place the end of the compass in the center of the doily, then adjust the pencil until it s a 1 2-inch in from the doily s scalloped edge. With the compass set, draw a circle on the origami paper, then use scissors to cut it out. CI-Buff-Strickland Christmas-Gift-Wrap-gift-card-cutting-circles s4x3. 4. Diamonds for your best girlfriends. To make any gift or gift card shine, use this printable template to fold up a DIY diamond-shaped box Printopus, $5.50 . It s equally appealing printed on solid-colored or glittery paper and includes both three-inch and four-inch-high designs. 5. I wasn t. I looked around and saw a problem. I saw an army of drones clutching onto whatever was said, critical reasoning cast aside, and myself about to be indoctrinated. I didn t go so easy. I asked questions. I was persistent, nosy, and curious about the road I was about to take. with utilitarian marketing, 189 190 Itshex1c Wendys My friend wants to go to McDonald s. What should I tell him? What do grown-ups read in newspapers? The comic strips? The editorials? The weather? The stock market? The sports pages? The main news items? The columnists? Until Gallup came along, editors hadn t the faintest idea who read what. In this chapter, we show how to use online market research to assess the match between your target markets and various social media outlets. After you do that, you re ready to start filling out your own Social Media Marketing Plan, which appears at the end of this chapter.