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Get Vaccinated 2021 MLS All-Star Sweepstakes SiriusXM Play for Clay Sweepstakes Ipswich Ale Brewery s Golden Can Sweepstakes Acoustic Guitar Private Guitar Lesson With Alex De Grassi Sweepstakes The Ledger Staycay Or Vacay Ultimate Giveaway 2021 MTN DEW Boat Sweepstakes Corona Light Perfect Your Space Sweepstakes 2021 The Skosay Edge, anywhere you need it. The beauty of our promotions is that we can either be integrated into your existing promotions so you can leverage our powerful tools or we can fully manage, create and execute your custom promotions for you. Either way, you get the Skosay Edge when implementing any one of our solutions. Check the Skosay dashboard to request a Nautica Voyage Cologne sample for 10,000 random sign ups. Skosay seems to be focusing more on chances to win now instead of a pure-play sampling program, so instead of a sure thing you only have a chance to win a sample now on this one unlike past Skosay sample promotions. 1 review for Skosay, 1.0 stars I have never seen any samples to try to be apart of of the site. All I get are annoying texts asking me to enter sweepstakes. Sites really need to stop pushing sweepstakes on people, all a sweepstakes is does is collect up contact information from people so they can amass more traffic to their site and all is does is turn me off of that site and I know lots of … Win A FREE Skosay Natural Products Sample Box. Enter by 4 23 18 for a chance to win a free Natural Products Sample Box from Skosay known for samples, rebates and coupons . Each box has 4 samples of various beauty, health and snack products. Good luck. ENGAGE WITH YOUR COMMUNITIES Staying on the Right Side of the Law So fast-forward more than a decade, and who is listed on my Web site as my chief technology officer? Mark Cegraves. Oh, and look who s my web developer-Gretchen Hankerson! Wow, so did I hire my friends from high school? No, I didn t, especially since their names were just mere illusions of the real people. None of these people worked for me. Yet if you visited my Web site s Contact or About Us page, they were listed as employees in high profile positions CTO, business development, or Web producer. These people weren t employees, but it looked like my staff was big, and growing. Wanelo