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Horvitz s lean conference report expresses skepticism about an intelligence explosion, the Singularity, and loss of control of intelligent systems. Nevertheless, the conference urged further research by ethicists and psychologists, and highlighted the danger of increasingly complex and inscrutable computer systems, including costly, unforeseen behaviors of autonomous or semi-autonomous decision-making systems. And Carnegie Mellon University s Tom Mitchell, creator of the DARPA-funded commonsense and potential AGI architecture called NELL, claimed the conference changed his mind. I went in very optimistic about the future of AI and thinking that Bill Joy and Ray Kurzweil were far off in their predictions. The meeting made me want to be more outspoken about these issues. 19. Exit fastlane superchargEr Have an Exit strategy. Full passivity accomplished by a money system is one Fastlane destination. Money systems are best funded by liquidation events of massive asset values. Know when it s time to liquidate your assets, transforming paper money into real money. Know when it s time to get off the horse and learn to ride a new one. Take these steps to view your video analytics At the top of your brand page, click Insights. Tap the Video option, to the left. Scroll down and tap the Video Library option. Select the video. I ve just spent nine chapters emphasizing that the key to social marketing is micro-content. In fact, the shorter your content and storytelling, the better. But as I look to the future, I see a yin to the micro-content yang. After all, long-form content isn t dead. It still lives on in the form of YouTube videos, magazine articles, TV shows, movies, and books, for instance, where it continues to find a sizable audience. But as brands continue to push the traditional boundaries via which they used to disseminate their content, and as companies recognize that they less and less often have to rent their media, but can own it and remarket it whenever they want, they re going to start wondering why they have to deal with separate media companies at all? Why couldn t they simply become their own media company? It s not a crazy idea. There is no logical reason to think that a tire company should be a food critic, but a hundred years ago, Michelin tires started reviewing rural restaurants to encourage people living in the cities to drive farther and wear their tires out more quickly. Guinness created the Guinness Book of World Records to reinforce its brand and give people something to talk about in the pubs. Similarly, I predict that one day a brand like Nike could put out its own sports programming and compete successfully against ESPN, or Amtrak could launch a publication that could stand up to Travel Leisure . The start-up costs would be extremely low for a luxury brand like Burberry to publish an alternative to the Robb Report , or for Williams-Sonoma to publish its own version of Eater or Thrillist . So long as brands remain transparent, so that their consumers aren t duped into thinking these sites and publications are strictly objective content providers, this could be a fruitful way to expand their brand and their content reach. In a way, it would be no different from what I was doing through Wine Library TV. Everyone knew that I sold wine, but they trusted my product reviews because I made a huge effort to be honest, fair, and authentic. Any other brand could do the same for the product or service they sell. Duqu