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Ellen 39 s Greatest Night of Giveaways – Watch episodes on NBC.com and the NBC App. Ellen DeGeneres and friends deliver three nights of gifts and surprises. Tis the season for three magical nights of surprises, gifts and giveaways, wrapped up in a star-studded special you ll never forget. Ellen s Greatest Night of Giveaways starts Tuesday, December … Diane Rueda of Van Nuys won big for Ellen s 15 Days of Giveaways, scoring a 2-night stay at Terranea Resort, Michael Kors Tote, and more. Today in LA reports Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017. Gloria Schwartz from Buena Park wins a 3 Day, 2-night stay at Miraval in Tucson, Arizona, $300 Whole Foods Market Gift card, $250 Amazon gift card and more. Whit and Daniella report for Today in … Congratulations to Cheryl Madrid of Irvine, winner of Ellen s 12 Days of Giveaways. Video broadcast Tuesday Nov. 20, 2018 on Today in LA. A life on the Sidewalk naturally pulls you to poorness. Because the Sidewalk is about the short term, it never works for the long term. Your future becomes a mortgage for a pleasant present. Converting an AI system to AGI through brute force means increasing the functionality of the AI s hardware, particularly its speed. Intelligence and creativity are increased if they operate many times faster. To see how, imagine a human who could do a thousand minutes of thinking in one minute. In important ways, he s many times more intelligent than someone with the same baseline IQ who thinks at normal speed. But does intelligence have to start at human level for an increase in speed to impact intelligence? For instance, if you speed up a dog s brain a thousand times do you get chimpanzee-equivalent behavior, or do you just get a very clever dog? We know that with a fourfold increase in brain size, from chimpanzee to human, humans acquired at least one new superpower speech. Larger brains evolved incrementally, much slower than the rate at which processor speed routinely increases. Has your wife read this book? If so, and she doesn t agree with Fastlane philosophy nor want to participate, you might have tough decisions to make in your future. Your spouse is your lifelong partner, and if your roads don t run parallel, it could be rough riding ahead. Like our choices and their horsepower, relationships also have trajectory. Today s road that diverges one degree from your partner s road will be divergent 90 degrees years from now. To be a successful real-time storyteller in the digital age of personalization, your brand should adopt an always-on attitude. Many brands have set up social media command centers to monitor the social sphere and engage with their communities. Having an always-on attitude can bring limitless rewards when you capitalize on the multitude of storytelling opportunities. French advertising is distinguished for its wit, charm and beautiful art direction, qualities which are seen to best advantage in magazine ads and posters. Many French television commercials are equally enchanting, although I often wonder if they appeal to Claudette, my cook. French copywriters and art directors are not subjected to the kind of research which restrains their American and British colleagues from shooting above the heads of the mass audience. They are free to entertain the upper crust.