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LIVE SHOWS. Our live shows are currently suspended due to COVID-19. Until we can safely return to the stage, we re making radio from our homes! You can join our newsletter to be the first to learn about special guests, new episode drops, and our boisterous Virtual Happy Hours! KEEP IN TOUCH. Anna Sale, Elissa Washuta, and Juliana Hatfield. Read More. Tim Harkins 5 7 21 Tim Harkins 5 7 21. Episode 460. Barry Sonnenfeld, Saeed Jones, Laurie Kilmartin, and Alela Diane. Read More. Tim Harkins 4 30 21 Tim Harkins 4 30 21. Episode 459. Michelle Zauner, Laci Mosley, and Kishi Bashi. On the third Thursday of each month, Live Wire will be opening its virtual doors to share yet-to-be-released interviews and exclusive content, offering an inside peek at the magic behind Live Wire Radio! TICKETS $15 $12 for Live Wire Members. Kick back, relax, pour yourself a drink, and join us for the virtual series every Third Thursday of … Daniel Lavery, Michael Arceneaux, and The Head and the Heart LIVE WIRE REMOTE INTERNSHIPS. Are you interested in working in radio? Do you want to develop a better understanding of the behind-the-scenes work of podcasting? Do you like the idea of interviewing famous authors, artists, and musical guests? If so, we are now accepting submissions for the Live Wire Intern program! Y all, I said, throwing my arms wide and embracing the entire scene. In other words, my crappy plan has failed you, has taken 11 years to fail you, yet stand by it. Hope the economy rebounds. Hope the economy never sees another recession. Hope, hope, and hope. And yes, please buy my newest book, Rebuild But what is Friendly AI? How do you create it? No, I said, with condolence in my voice. If he was her son, he couldn t be more than seventeen or eighteen at the most. I never met him. Although America is currently facing tremendously difficult economic times, America s creativity, resilience, and innovative spirit will allow it to confront its core problems, overcome them, and regain competitiveness. 2