how yp win sweepstakes

The only way you can win a sweepstake is to enter it. If you really want to have a chance at getting a prize, try to spend at least 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week on sweepstakes. However, if you want to be a really devoted sweeper, you ll have the best shot if you spend about 3-5 hours a week on your entries. Another great tip for how to win sweepstakes online is making sure the email you enter is valid and current. Don t forget to check your mail regularly not to miss your big win. Make sure sponsors can get in touch with you easily, or someone else will claim your prize. Stay Motivated and Connect with Your Sweeping Friends Persistence is the key to winning sweepstakes. Set a specific time to enter sweepstakes every day. It doesn t have to be long, a half-hour spent multi-tasking while you are watching television in the evening is enough. If you re short on time, enter only a few of the ones you most want to win, but try not to let a day slip by without any entries. When you enter most sweepstakes, you have to wait until the giveaway ends and a winner is drawn before you know whether or not you will receive a prize. With instant win sweepstakes, however, you know as soon as your entry goes through. The winning message will pop right up on your computer screen if you are an instant winner. If a customer is already at your location and opens the Facebook app, Place Tips come into play. Place Tips uses Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth for the latter, you can apply for a Bluetooth beacon to beam your information via http facebookbeacon to automatically show visitors more information about your business, including the aforementioned reviews, photos, check-ins, etc. In addition, it will encourage people to check-in and like your Page and, via the About section of your profile, you can specify a custom Welcome Message to greet customers to your establishment – perhaps give them a heads-up on offers and discounts too! Robbins, Chuck, 144 What Is the Fastlane? The Fastlane is a business and lifestyle strategy characterized by Controllable Unlimited Leverage CUL , hence creating an optimal environment for rapid wealth creation and extraordinary lifestyles. Definitively, pay attention to these four segments THE PARADOX OF CONTROL Marketing in recession