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The Apple Gift Card is available only in the United States. Redeem a gift card on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Find the 16-digit code on the back of the card. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the App Store app. Buy Apple Gift Card Use it to shop the App Store, Apple TV, Apple Music, iTunes, Apple Arcade, the Apple Store app, apple.com, and the Apple Store. How would you like to send it? Choose to send by mail and get a collectible sticker. Buy XBOX eGift Card with Apple Pay. Members will earn up to 138 eGifter Points . Valid for use in the United States only. Buy for Myself. Apple gift cards sent by email can be purchased with a value between $10 and $500. For example, an Apple Arcade subscription is just $5 per month and pays for use on any iPhone, iPad, and Mac in a household if using family sharing. A $25 gift card would pay for 5 months of Apple Arcade. If you would like a gift card quote, send us an email at support easypaydirect.com. Frank Kern. I am a very very happy client of Easy Pay Direct. Getting set up with them was really really simple and very very professional. I did not have to jump through a lot of hoops. The paperwork was done in a very organized fashion. You got a rubber? Yet the flow high is different from all other highs meaning it does more than just motivate. For starters, flow doesn t just happen anywhere. As we ll explore in depth in Part Two of this book, the state shows up most reliably when we re using our skills to the utmost. It requires challenge. While other hedonic pleasures drugs, sex, gambling make us feel good on their own, flow only shows up when we re pushing ourselves to higher and higher levels of performance. Because flow involves meeting challenges and developing skills, explains Csikszentmihalyi in Good Business, it leads to growth. It is an escape forward from current reality, whereas stimulants like drugs lead backward. I can t, I said. 5 When I arrived on Madison Avenue, most advertisements were illustrated with drawings. Then it was found that photographs attracted more readers, were more believable, and better remembered. When I took over the Come to Britain advertising, I substituted photographs for the drawings which the previous agency had used. Readership tripled, and so did tourism to Britain. Direct-response advertisers find that photographs pull more coupons than drawings, and department stores find that they sell more merchandise. However, photographs reproduce so badly in some newspapers that you can get a more lifelike picture by using a line drawing. I found that scratch-board drawings sold more Thom McCan shoes than photographs. TOMS, 16 17 , 49