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When you want to reward someone, offer an incentive or send a thank you, do it with a Dymocks gift card. It s the gift that s always appreciated and used. To buy multiple gift cards, or to find out more about how Dymocks can help you create rewards and incentives, contact us. 2. Purchase a digital gift card. Physical Gift Cards. Make someone feel special with a Dymocks Gift Card, which you can buy in values of $25, $50, $75 or $100. It comes in a special gift wallet and can be redeemed at any Dymocks bookstore or at Dymocks Online. Buy a Digital gift card online and you can also add a free personalised gift message. We accept Dymocks Gift Cards as payment for Dymocks Online orders. During the checkout process simply choose to pay with a gift card. You will also be required to enter Credit Card Details on the payment page even if the total value of your order is covered by the gift card. A Dymocks Gift Card from Prezzee will never get lost or be forgotten again. Our Gift Cards live on your smart phone so if, by some remote chance, you manage to forget that you have a Dymocks Gift Card ready and waiting to be spent on the best book titles and DVDs, you ll never accidentally leave it at home. … Please use your virtual Gift Card by going to www.dymocks.com.au. Enter in the virtual Gift Card ID followed by the Expiry Date when making a purchase. To redeem, print this virtual gift card or display on your mobile phone and present at the register. Gift Card Form. Select or Enter an amount between $20 and $500. $20. If the reward is big enough, if the participation is easy enough, if the odds seem good enough, if there s enough trust just about everybody wants to win something. Just about everyone wants to save a buck. With its visual content, Pinterest is perhaps the most challenging social media option to optimize for search engines. Start by creating a business account or converting your personal one at www.pinterest.com business create , as described in Book 7, Chapter 1 . Then take advantage of several tried-and-true techniques to give your Pinterest site some search oomph Verify your website by clicking the Verify Website button next to the Website Text field. Follow the directions in the pop-up window so that your site will show up on profile and search results. For more details, see www.pinterest.com settings . Optimize your username or business profile name or both to include your company name and a search term describing what you sell or what business category you re in unless you re a well-known brand . For instance, instead of listing only Pretty Puppy , use Pretty Puppy Play Clothes for Puppies . Use your four most important search terms and your page description metatag in the About You section of your company profile under Settings . Optimize for local search by including your city, state, and zip code in the Location field of the profile. Of course, include the URL for your website or blog or both in the Website field. Click Settings gear icon , choose Business Account Basics, and set the Visibility option to Off in your Profile you don t want to hide your Pinterest profile from search engines. Click Settings, choose Social Networks, and be sure to select the cross-link options to Twitter and Facebook. Also, upload your logo graphic by clicking Settings and choosing Profile. Twitter introduced custom timelines in November 2013, a feature that affords you more control over how tweets are organized and delivered. Unlike the default Twitter timeline, custom timelines are ones that you create, name, and add tweets to. This means that when the conversation around an event or topic blows up on Twitter, you can create a timeline that surfaces what you believe to be the most noteworthy and relevant tweets. Custom timelines are public and have their own unique URL, making them easy to share with others. They can be embedded onto your website, too! Use custom timelines to help people easily find the latest information about fast-moving events like product launches, flash sales, business conferences, and lots more. To create a custom timeline, download and install the free Tweetdeck program a brilliant tool for managing your Twitter presence, by the way , then add a new column of type Custom timeline . To add a new column you can use the add icon in the sidebar or the keyboard shortcut A . To add a Tweet to a custom timeline, drag it with the move icon and drop it on the custom timeline column that you would like to populate. The share menu for custom timelines includes a link to generate the code to create an embedded custom timeline just paste this code wherever on your website you want your custom timeline to appear. https foursquare.com download Chapter Summary Fastlane Distinctions Your total pool of customers determines your habitat. The larger the habitat, the greater the potential for wealth. A business can be a singles or a home-run-based business. Its strength is determined by scale, which is derived by habitat. The Fastlane wealth equation is disarmed when you violate the Commandment of Scale. Scale is achieved in reach units sold and or magnitude unit profit . The Law of Effection is the primary conduit to wealth, which can be road blocked by scale, magnitude, or source. Effection consequences trickle up to owners and producers. Breaking scale or magnitude indirectly in an uncontrolled entity is not a guarantee of wealth. To gain access to Effection, you have to break the barrier of scale or magnitude in an entity you control. Scale, magnitude, or source deficiencies create governors on the speed of wealth creation.