do sweepstakes let you transfer to another person

You can say goodbye to any money you sent. A new twist on this sweepstakes scam signal con artists are now asking their victims to buy Green Dot Money Pack cards from retailers like Walmart. These cards let you transfer money by simply giving the recipient the numbers printed on the card. Warning Signs. You get a call or an online solicitation claiming you were automatically entered in a sweepstakes you ve never heard of before. You re told you need to make an upfront payment to collect the prize. Someone calls you and says they have a winning state lottery ticket but needs help paying a fee to collect on it. Sweepstakes Rules 1. Eligibility. Your sweepstakes rules need to express clearly who s allowed to enter. This will cover your back for down the line, because you may have to disqualify people. For instance, say someone submits a fake email address to your sweepstakes this happens quite frequently . Be wary of anybody online who tells you there s upfront deposits or payments especially if you haven t yet met them and there s no contract. And if anybody online says you can only pay with a wire transfer or money order, find another retailer. Or ask to meet in person. Lottery and sweepstakes scams Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes aren t scams. They really do award amazing prizes to lucky winners on a regular basis. However, the chances of becoming one of those winners are extremely small. The estimated odds of winning a recent $10 million sweepstakes were 505,000,000 to one. Yep, those are odds of over half a billion against you. C mon with me while I finish up with this head. He pointed at the froth on his dome. When I was young, ladies knew me for my hair. Half black and half Puerto Rican? Jet black and waves for days. A little pomade and a wet comb? Perfection. But now? He sighed as if to say, Nothing lasts. Just with other forms of photography, the rule of thirds is deeply rooted in many of the great Instagram shots. Imagine your viewfinder is split into thirds, both horizontally and vertically or turn on the iPhone Camera grid view via Options now balance your composition between these areas. Also, have you thought about the halo effect great customer experiences provide? Remarkable customer experiences travel far beyond the initial customer. When customers have an incredible experience with your brand, they are 77 percent more likely to recommend your company, products, or services to others. 48 That s where the magic happens. When customers recommend and share their stories about your company, they will be told and retold by their network, resulting in a snowball effect about how amazing you are. Who wouldn t want that? Infographics bring together the best of data and visuals to tell a story. Offering a visual representation of information, infographics help companies emphasize key points while packaging content in a highly shareable way. Whitby, Blay