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Past Facebook sweepstakes have offered prizes like $60,000 cash, a $50,000 vacation, cars, and much more. This list of Facebook contests will help you find the sweepstakes you want to enter quickly and easily. 1. Flat Top Hills – 38 49 Backyard Sanctuary Sweepstakes. Get the chance to win $3,849 for a backyard makeover or other prizes. Sweepstakes Contests. PCH $10 Million SuperPrize Giveaway. What would you do if you win $10 Million Dollars? Publisher Clearing House – PCH $10 Million SuperPrize Giveaway No. 16000. No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this game of chance. PCH Sweepstakes $10,000,000.00 and PCH Golden Ticket. About Contests Sweepstakes. June 4, 2020 . Enter Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce s Dream Trip Giveaway for your chance to win a trip to Wyoming. The giveaway ends on 10 5 20. Sweepstakes Contests and Giveaways. 379 likes 16 talking about this. Just For Fun Disney Contests Sweepstakes. 25,031 likes 2 talking about this. Disney Destination, Resort, and Vacation Contests also Florida and California travel contests and special Disney events. Website… MJ, I currently have $12,000 in debt and am barely making ends meet. Where do I start? All Google Pages with 1000 or more followers can take advantage of Google Post Ads, which enable you to display Google posts on relevant third party sites across the Google Display Network, i.e. on websites, not within Google search results. These posts are fully interactive, meaning anybody logged into their Google account can give a 1, comment, or share the post without leaving the page on which it is hosted. The power of Google Post Ads is in their social influence compared to traditional image or video ads. The theory is that someone is much more likely to engage with a Google Post ad with lots of 1s and comments that they can see people similar them already like , than they would clicking on an ordinary website advert. The other big benefit, of course, is that Google Post Ads allows people from across the web to see and interact with your Google content without being on the social network s website. For most businesses, geomarketing involves a teaser deal that attracts residents or out-of-town visitors who check in online or with a mobile device when they arrive at the establishment. This concept is particularly attractive for events, tourist sites, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Almost all these services notify their subscribers by email or text message, or on their mobile apps, whenever an offer is available nearby. These numbers show that in dollar cost per incident, financial fraud competes with the most expensive terrorist act in history, and the subprime mortgage crisis dwarfs it. When researchers put advanced AI into the hands of businessmen, as they imminently will, these people will suddenly possess the most powerful technology ever conceived of. Some will use it to perpetrate fraud. I think the next cyberattack will consist of friendly fire, that is, it ll originate at home, damage infrastructure, and kill Americans. In fact, it s 100 percent bad. Cars aren t out to kill you, Yudkowsky analogized, but their potential deadliness is a side effect of building cars. It would be the same with AI. It wouldn t hate you, but you are made of atoms it may have other uses for, and it would, Yudkowsky said, tend to resist anything you did to try and keep those atoms to yourself. So, a side effect of thoughtless programming is that the resulting AI will have a galling lack of propriety about your atoms.