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Start Date 06 12 2021End Date 07 12 2021. SHAFT, the original TV movie franchise about the coolest private detective around – John Shaft – is turning 50! The successful original series from the 70s was later revisited in 2000 starring Samuel L. Jackson. To commemorate this, we re giving away a SHAFT The TV Movie 4-Disc Collection of the … Can You Dig It? A sweepstakes to win a Shaft collection may interest listeners of last week s episode. Close. Vote. … asks the question she promised to ask So, a lot of the guys on the crew want to know, can you still pump a shotgun with one hand? Linda paused, and looked at her, and squinted a little. Do they HAVE a shotgun with them … Dream It True Sweepstakes presented by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Enter daily for your chance to win a $4,000 grand prize. Weekly prize winners have the chance to receive a $100 Lowe s gift card. Sweepstakes ends at 5 00 p.m. ET on August 31, 2021. QVC Can You Dig It Sweepstakes, Enter daily to win one of four $5,000 Cash Prizes or a weekly spring ready prize packs It s our birthday, but we re all about celebrating. you. ! Now thru 6 30 at 11 59pm ET, enter daily for a chance to win one of 24 exciting prize packages or the $35,000 grand prize. . To enter, complete the form below. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. 18 years of age or older to enter. Thanks for entering. HCSS also uses a variety of tools to track the path from prospect to sale, starting with marketing automation software from HubSpot, which helps with lead scoring. Qualified prospects are then sent to sales using Salesforce. To follow customers paths through sales funnels, Moss also relies on Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, as well as Crazy Egg heat maps and video heat-mapping software. A heat map is a color-coded display of data, such as where customers look on a web page or which links they click. For social media, Moss uses data from Google Analytics and HubSpot to track leads and customer conversions. Your belief system acts like a roadmap, a compass that, if errant, can lead you to a lifetime of detours. Fictitious beliefs are lying roadmaps they escort you down dead-end roads where Wealth Next Exit never happens. In short, always respond to complaints on social media in a professional and courteous manner, and in a time frame that matches the resources of your business. Be ready to acknowledge the customer s feedback even if you don t think you were in the wrong, as going off on the defensive is a very bad tactic, too , and willing to admit your mistakes. We re all human – customers realize this and will respect you a whole lot more for being open and honest about any errors, than simply trying to sweep issues under the carpet. To sweeten instances like this, explain how you will work to fix or improve things if necessary, ask for input from your fans if the situation calls for it, and send a follow-up note a couple of days after the issue has been resolved as a way to make sure everything is still okay and to reaffirm a social connection between the customer and your company. Occasionally, consider going above and beyond the call of duty to remedy a customer s problem – in public – in order to harness a wave of respect and good karma. When a Citibike customer in New York City fell off one of its bicycles and ripped his jeans, instead of just apologizing, Citibike delivered the gentleman a voucher to buy a new pair of pants. Surprised and overjoyed, the customer shared the news and a photo to prove it on Twitter, to all of his followers. SOCIAL MEDIA BOOSTS B2B COMPANIES, TOO The most frequently asked questions about Permission Marketing